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How Long Is Your Fuse?
Reducing Stress & Battling Burnout In The Work Place 

What we are going to cover.

- How to prioritize your health while living an organized busy lifestyle

- The signs and symptoms of burnout and how to prevent it

- The best way to turn stress and anxiety around to improve your health while finding happiness 

- You will massively increase your productivity by finding a balance in your life

- Seven action steps to capture a work-life balance and decrease stress

- How the power of your mind can change the way you feel 

- Simple tips and tricks to sleep well at night

- The 3 most powerful daily routines

Get ready to be Inspired!


What people are saying?

- “Jason’s presentations and programs really have inspired me to be able to achieve my optimal wellbeing. It was one of the best webinar's I ever been too. I am now a lot more productive at home and at workThank you."

I was super impressed with the amount of information in the webinar.  It was worth so much. I look forward to coaching with Jason.  Thank you again"

- My friend and I attend the workshop. It was amazing. I now know what to do to avoid a burnout.  I was so stressed but the webinar I was almost at the point of leaving my job.  I now know what to do to save my health.  Thank you very much"

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How Long Is Your Fuse? Preventing Stress & Burnout At Work

You can view this workshop from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Presentation by

Jason Cronan

Founder of BodyXpress Wellness Solutions & SPAR Martial Arts

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