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Corporate Workshops 
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We empower educators, business owners and executives to neutralize anxiety, reduce stress and to prevent burnout. 


I will arrive at your business, school or corporation to provide your team with a awesome mind blowing wellness seminar that will empower your team to reduce stress and anxiety. While teaching the action steps to prevent a burnout and become more productive.    


If your company has a gym on-site even better we will instruct each staff member to properly use the equipment and design programs to utilize the equipment available.  


On-Site and Online Offerings

  • Health & Wellness keynote workshops

  • Personal and group fitness training.

  • Corporate Boot Camps

  • Pre & Post shift warm-ups

  • Custom tailored programs to suit the demands of each facility.


Team Talk
Yoga Pose

"Your body is your business. Treat it like one." 

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