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American Heart CPR/AED First Aid Course

What we are going to cover.

Save the Date! Get Certified to Save a Life

Join us for a comprehensive CPR/AED and Basic First Aid Class!

Date: March 30th  

Time: 1:30pm - 4:30pm



S.P.A.R. Martial Arts  
4183 Franklin Road, Suite B7,  

Murfreesboro, TN 37128  

Become certified by the American Heart Association as a Lay Person for only $45!

This class equips you with life-saving skills crucial for emergencies.

Limited spots available! Reserve yours now!

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What people are saying?

- “Jason’s presentations and programs really have inspired me to be able to achieve my optimal wellbeing. It was one of the best workshops I ever been too. I am now a lot more productive at home and at workThank you."

I was super impressed with the amount of information in the webinar.  It was worth so much. I look forward to coaching with Jason.  Thank you again"

- My friend and I attend the workshop. It was amazing. I now know what to do to avoid a burnout.  I was so stressed but the webinar I was almost at the point of leaving my job.  I now know what to do to save my health.  Thank you very much.

CPR/AED First Aid Course

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CPR/AED First Aid Certifaication


Live Workshop

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Presentation by

Jason Cronan

Founder of BodyXpress Wellness Solutions & SPAR Martial Arts

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