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Meet the Owner

Coaching and helping people is my passion.  I strive to teach what I learn and to educate others.
Jason Cronan - Owner + Head Trainer & Martial Arts Instructor

*Accepting New Clients*

Jason Cronan has  20 plus years of experience as an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, martial arts instructor and motivational speaker.  Jason's wellness programs and keynote messages have guided over 1,000 of his clients to develop a true sense of optimal well-being. Professionals , entrepreneurs and corporations hire Jason to educate them on how to align their lives and have a more productive career. His lifelong martial arts training has taught him how powerful the mind can be.

Throughout his whole life, he has struggled with many forms of anxiety. After many years of personal research he has developed techniques to suppress anxious feelings.  His passion is coaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle even when dealing with mental struggles.  His upcoming book will give people the steps to overcome anxiety and achieve success.

Jason owns a martial arts school in Murfreesboro TN called S.P.A.R. Martial Arts. S.P.A.R means speed, power, agility and resilience. He also owns a wellness company called BodyXpress Wellness Solutions.


On his free time he produces a podcast TV show in his RV called, Wellness On The Go. He interviews professionals from around the globe with the intent to help listeners discover their optimal well-being. The show ultimately enables people to tap into their true potential, so they can thrive, and not just survive! "We help you find balance to enhance your lifestyle."

Jason believes "one should live life to the fullest."
"Your body is your business"
Owner Jason Cronan
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